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Since 1996 when the doors of Future Foil Inc first opened, we made it our number one priority to create a superior aluminum pan. We are always looking for new and improved plates for our customers because we know our customers want value. Our engineers have specially designed plates to maximize the durability and strength of the “common plate” to create a far superior product compared to all of our competitors. Our family-owned private company has thrived as the industry's most durable aluminium pan manufacturers since we have been in business and we do not settle for anything less. Whether we send out 1 case or 1000 cases our team of experts inspect each and every box to ensure that our customers receive the quality plate that they deserve.

Future Foil Inc prides itself on being an eco-friendly company. Every ounce of foil that is scrapped is recycled, and every piece of aluminum that leaves the warehouse is recyclable as well. Plus, our Logistics Department is constantly thinking of new ways to intuitively package our products so that less material is needed, and more resources are saved. We want to help preserve our environment so that perhaps one day our children will do the same.